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Uncle Tom’s Impact on 19th Century America Free Essays

For slaves, the death of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 guaranteed their fate in the ceaseless pitilessness of the slave showcase. This Act ensured the privileges of slaveholders, requiring †by law †that all slaves who ran away toward the North be come back to their unique proprietors. This activity by the United States government contributed essentially to the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. We will compose a custom paper test on Uncle Tom’s Impact on nineteenth Century America or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now The epic was the first of its sort to communicate and completely grasp the possibility that subjection ought not be approved. At the time this content was distributed, numerous Northerners adopted the conservative strategy by just tolerating the possibility that â€Å"one individual couldn’t change anything†, as St. Clare in the novel. When this book was acquainted with the Northern populace, in addition to the fact that it sold like hot cakes, yet in addition it opened citizens’ eyes to the genuine detestations happening in the South, and under their equivalent Constitution. They saw that cruel slave proprietors and ceaseless beatings left slaves with little expectation and little confidence. The thoughtful depiction of slaves all through the South lead numerous Northerners to agree with the extraordinary abolitionists, which would before long make further pressures among the North and the South and in the end cause the erosion inciting Southern states to withdraw and start the Civil War. This movement of occasions enlivened Abraham Lincoln’s adage to Harriet Beecher Stowe when he met her, â€Å"So you’re the little lady who composed the book that caused this extraordinary war? † Although the first aim of this novel was to instruct the uninformed masses, Stowe fell into certain generalizations of people of color. When â€Å"Black Sam† got the request from Mrs. Shelby to hinder the recovery of Eliza with the goal that she may get away, unmistakably he couldn't care less whether Eliza gets to opportunity, however is absolutely intrigued by whether, on the off chance that he succeeds, he can assume control over the spot of â€Å"trusted slave† that Tom filled. Stowe fundamentally portrays him as the â€Å"comic† dark figure. A â€Å"comic† dark consider is drawn along with the book for the beguilement of the white crowd, which, in itself is an astonishing idea. This depiction gives him smiling moronically and neglecting to utilize enormous words accurately. He additionally is shrieking in expansive tongue and â€Å"seems prepared to break into a comic dance†. It appears as though, particularly with the consideration of the animation, Stowe was playing into overdrawn racial generalizations of the day, and inferring that lone a few slaves had the ability to work typically in the public eye while others proved unable. In spite of the fact that Stowe derides Haley (the slave catcher and merchant) in this part, it appears as though the portrayal of the normal slave sabotages the positive picture she is endeavoring to draw for slaves, for example, Uncle Tom, Eliza and George Harris. A few focuses made in the novel were amusing to me. I thought it was intriguing how being a â€Å"white nâ€- â€Å" was something unwanted in the slave network. At the point when an enormous slave comes up to Adolph and said â€Å"Law, presently, young men! dis yer’s one o’ yer white nâ€â€s, †kind o’ cream shading, ye know, scented! † The circumstance slaves were put them caused them to disdain white individuals to such an extent, that it was horrible to be a â€Å"white nâ€â€â€Å". It is amusing likewise that they themselves utilized the term â€Å"white† with the injurious term â€Å"nigger† to affront somebody n their own locale. One may have thought †given the capacity whites needed to meander aimlessly and effectively †that being white was something to be thankful for. Obviously, being called â€Å"white† had more to do with the way that these slaves related â€Å"white nâ€- â€Å" as a depiction of their oppressor, and by calling one of their own a â€Å"white n ††††â€Å" they were lashing out at their oppressors and any individual who attempted to copy them. The possibility of a â€Å"white nâ€- â€Å" additionally infers how close these slaves are to their proprietors making the peruser question â€Å"How diverse are these individuals that they can be viewed as property while I can be viewed as free? † No Doubt Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe had the ability to turn normal, consistently, going back and forth Americans into undeniable abolitionists. Stowe had the option to achieve this by relating the mistreated captives to individuals in consistently life, regardless of whether it was through Eliza’s connection to her child, or Tom’s grasp religion in the hardest of times. Stowe additionally shows that a young lady who experienced childhood in the core of the South could show empathy for individuals she was raised to accept were so underneath her thus frightful. Her quality and confidence †and her acknowledgment that the key was to consider captives to be individuals †likewise impacted everyone around her. Stowe’s anecdotal story of Uncle Tom not just contacted the core of Northerners, it additionally contacted Southerners, and †above all †it added to the beginning of an incredible common war; one that would end with the liberation of slaves all over the place. The most effective method to refer to Uncle Tom’s Impact on nineteenth Century America, Essay models

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A socialist called J. B Priestley Essay

‘An Inspector Calls’ was composed by a communist called J. B Priestley. The play was set in1912 yet was written in 1945. The play is a blend of analyst/spine chiller and an ethical riddle play. Priestley was a solid communist who accepted that network and society were significant: ‘We are answerable for each other’. He needed individuals to live similarly in a government assistance state together. In the event that we don’t we will understand this in ‘fire, blood and anguish’. He caused us to accept this statement since two universal wars had just occurred when he had composed the play. The play was set in 1912 in and Edwardian time numerous things were going on around this time, The sinking of the Titanic, numerous strikes, the suffragettes and the development to World War 1. Priestley utilizes a ton of emotional incongruity the greater part of which originates from Birling’s lines when he says that ‘war is impossible’ we realize that he isn't right since war has just occurred. In Stephen Daldry’s National Theater Production the set represents the two unique parts of the play: The Edwardian townhouse in Brumley and 1945 out of sight. A scene was appeared from the Blitz (when Germany continued bombarding England constantly). There are alarms sounding and there are individuals wearing 1940’s garments and there is the Birling’s Townhouse out of sight. At the point when they show 1912 and 1945 it gives a superior viewpoint on the incongruity for a cutting edge crowd. Priestley causes individuals to comprehend what the world resembled before we came. Priestley gets his point across through the characters particularly the controller since his words and talks are sensational and leaves different characters contemplating what he said on the grounds that his lines have a major effect on them. He likewise causes the crowd to feel included in light of the fact that he causes it to identify with something that could occur, all things considered. His lines likewise develops strain between the characters inside the family he turns them against each other by causing them all to accept that all of them are engaged with Eva Smith’s passing and that they all knew who Eva Smith was. For example when Sheila discovers the Gerald was engaging in extramarital relations with Eva Smith despite her good faith since he deceives Sheila and reveals to her he was working she concludes that she doesn’t need to get hitched to him any more ‘But just on the off chance that you overlook †or choose not to return Gerald, I think you’d better take this with you’ Sheila chooses to give the ring back to Gerald. The overseers shutting discourse makes the characters confused adjoin what he has said. Sheila, Gerald and Eric are the main ones who are influenced about what the investigator has said. Mr and Mrs Birling are stressed over their status and about what individuals would consider them on the off chance that they discovered what had happened they don’t pick up anything toward the finish of the play despite the fact that Sheila attempts to disclose to them ‘I reveal to you whoever that assessor was. It was definitely not a joke. You knew it at that point. You started to get the hang of something at that point. What's more, presently you’ve halted. You’re all set on in the regular old way’. Mr and Mrs Birling simply feel that Sheila is as a rule senseless.

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Synthesis paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Union - Term Paper Example Taking this course has empowered me to completely value the different aspects of initiative and to understand that authority is a craftsmanship in itself. The 9100 class expected me to take part in an initiative reenactment program on the web. I accepted two principle jobs: a state delegate in financial advancement to head of finances dispersion. Being in the monetary advancement board, I was presented to the heap of difficulties one countenances when the individual in question has been allowed the force and position to decide. Prior to taking the course, I, in the same way as other others, used to abstain from talking about force since every one has an alternate supposition about it. Anyway by this course, I came to comprehend that it is the characteristic which recognizes pioneers from adherents and utilizing it the correct way is an extremely testing task. This course has furnished me with the fundamental characteristics should have been a decent pioneer by making me work my way t hrough issue based encounters. In this paper, I will ponder how the authority reproduction course has helped me create initiative characteristics and how the ideas of administration apply to my encounters and learning. Being an individual from the financial improvement board in the administration reenactment program permitted me to create and sharpen my authority abilities. The program was a stage for me to go over the encounters that senior heads face in their separate controls. By expecting an arrangement position in the monetary division, I was presented to the brunt of genuine duties. The different aptitudes that the recreation experience sharpened included better correspondence capacity, settling on choices in the off the cuff just as scrutinizing them of contemplations and conceptualizing, illuminating clashes that may emerge over the span of exercises and performing different obligations of a board part. Being a reenacted board part additionally opened the chance to cooperate with my companions and to fill in as a group. I understood the significance of collaboration and the significance of every single part in interprofessional groups. This not just helped me to coordinate the choices taken towards the ideal execution of the board yet additionally to create esteem producing systems which served to improve the proficiency of the procedures. In the program, I came to recognize my initiative style and to make an administration plan2. The authority program helped me to clear my path through the issue based situations in a sorted out and organized way. I was given various circumstances. In one such circumstance, being an individual from the monetary advancement board, I was required to assess the practicality of a subsidizing proposition. A singular amount of $1 million was proposed to be given to a financial advancement gathering, over a course of three years. My activity was to research and choose whether the speculation was justified, despite all the tro uble and on the off chance that it contributed towards the improvement of the network in general. $1 million is a great deal of cash and so as to settle on such a choice, I needed to assess the points of the financial improvement bunch in detail. The circumstance permitted me to encourage upon my bookkeeping aptitudes and to gauge the benefits against the potential misfortunes. Examining the circumstance with other board individuals permitted to me to expand my correspondence and arrangement abilities and to utilize the aggregate sentiment in settling on a choice which is for more noteworthy's benefit of the network. Besides, since I had a senior job and the measure of cash being contributed was huge, my duty of keeping an

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Hopkins and Elizabeth Bishop Evidence of “God’s Grandeur” in “Filling Station” - Literature Essay Samples

In his essay â€Å"Action and Repose—Gerard Manley Hopkins’s influence in the Poems of Elizabeth Bishop,† Ben Howard notes the strong influence Hopkins had on poems like â€Å"The Prodigal† and â€Å"The Fish,† by Elizabeth Bishop. Another one of Bishop’s poems that seems to draw heavily, both thematically and stylistically, from Hopkins is â€Å"Filling Station,† which describes a dirty gas station and the family that owns it. In its exploration of the dirt that man smears all over his environment, the poem seems to imitate several elements from Hopkins’s â€Å"God’s Grandeur.†The most obvious connection between â€Å"God’s Grandeur† and â€Å"Filling Station† is its shared subject matter. The first line of Bishop’s poem, â€Å"Oh, but it is dirty!† (1) directly reflects the world â€Å"seared with trade, bleared, smeared with toil† that Hopkins describes (6). Addition ally, just as Hopkins’s poem focuses on the fact that it is â€Å"man† who causes this dirtiness (7), Bishop describes the â€Å"Father† and the â€Å"greasy sons† as the embodiment of the station’s grime (7, 11). Finally, the most compelling image that Bishop takes from Hopkins is that of God’s grandeur as â€Å"the ooze of oil / Crushed† (3-4). The words â€Å"oil† and â€Å"grease† permeate the poem, and Bishop even employs the word â€Å"crushed† in the third stanza, directly evoking Hopkins’s line. Bishop takes Hopkins’s image of oozing oil, however, and turns it on its head, using it to represent not the power of God (as it does in the Hopkins poem), but the influence of man. In addition, Bishop’s use of the oil image differs from Hopkins’s in that in â€Å"God’s Grandeur,† it is the action of crushing the olive and producing the oil that gives the image its sign ificance; in â€Å"Filling Station,† however, the oil stagnates in a â€Å"disturbing, over-all / black translucency† (4-5).In addition to appropriating Hopkins’s subject matter of man’s dirt, Bishop also employs some of his well-known stylistic features. The most significant of these is the creation of hyphenated, compound adjectives. They appear in Bishop’s poem in lines like â€Å"oil-soaked, oil-permeated,† and â€Å"grease-impregnated† (3, 17-8). Though these compound adjectives do not specifically appear in â€Å"God’s Grandeur,† they are prominent in many of Hopkins’s other poems. â€Å"The Windhover† has perhaps the best examples of these compound descriptors in that it features a â€Å"dapple-dawn-drawn falcon† and ends with the image of â€Å"blue-bleak embers† (2, 13). Bishop and Hopkins also both employ strings of adjectives to describe the same noun: in Hopkins, the world is â€Å"seared†¦bleared, smeared† (6), while in Bishop the oil around the station is â€Å"disturbing, over-all black† (4-5). Finally, Bishop’s poem perhaps appears to make some use of Hopkins’s sprung rhythm. All the lines have either 3 or 4 major stresses, suggesting a more organized metrical scheme than free verse. At least some of the lines, such as â€Å"Sà ³mebody embrà ³idered the dà ³ily. / Sà ³mebody wà ¡ters the plà ¡nt, / or à ³ils it, mà ¡ybe. Sà ³mebody,† with their consistent pattern of three stresses and varying numbers and patterns of unstressed syllables, seem to be in sprung rhythm, unmistakably reflecting Hopkins’s influence.While â€Å"God’s Grandeur† and â€Å"Filling Station† begin by describing filthy scenes, both poems feature a volta or turn at the last stanza. In Hopkins, this turn occurs at the start of the sestet with the phrase, â€Å"And for all this† (11). The sestet focuses on how the presence of the â€Å"Holy Ghost† in nature maintains a â€Å"dearest freshness† in spite of man’s blackening influence (13, 10). In Bishop, the description of the filling station moves to the family’s porch, decorated with a â€Å"doily† and a â€Å"big hirsute begonia† (30, 27); the presence of the doily, which â€Å"somebody embroidered† and which adds a personal touch to the scene, causes Bishop to reconsider her initial assessment of the ‘dirty’ filling station and focus on its unique aspects (34). The poem’s turn, like in â€Å"God’s Grandeur,† may also revolve around the presence of nature; the family’s porch not only introduces the begonia, but it also holds the doily, â€Å"embroidered in daisy stitch / with marguerites† (31-2). As a result, for Bishop as well as for Hopkins, nature reminds one of the â€Å"dearest freshness deep down things.†The sc ene on the porch also alludes to the Hopkinsian idea of individuality or unique inscape as the main source of something’s worth. Indeed, the turn in Bishop’s poem comes about in the realization that â€Å"somebody embroidered the doily. / Somebody waters the plant,† and that these objects are special precisely because they belong to this particular family (34-5). Another feature of the porch is a comic book, which provides â€Å"the only note of color— / of certain color† (22-3, emphasis mine). This seems to point to the idea that this filling station, as the sum of its individual parts, has haeciettas, that which differentiates it from all other gas stations. In the final stanza, with the act of â€Å"water[ing] the plant, or oil[ing] it, maybe,† and the movement of the â€Å"rows of cans,† the poem’s predominant sense of stagnation is lost (35-6, 37); instead, the newly-appreciated filling station takes on the positive se nse of movement, the â€Å"flam[ing] out† and â€Å"gather[ing] to a greatness,† that characterizes Hopkins’s vision of the â€Å"grandeur of God† (2, 3, 1). Just as Howard notes in the title of his essay, it is this contrast between â€Å"action and repose† that marks the ultimate influence of Hopkins on Bishop.

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Hydrothermal Vents Early Life Theories

It is still unclear as to how life on Earth began. There are many competing theories out there ranging from the Panspermia Theory to the proven incorrect Primordial Soup experiments. One of the newest theories is that life began in hydrothermal vents. What Are Hydrothermal Vents? Hydrothermal vents are structures in the bottom of the ocean that have extreme conditions. There are extreme heat and extreme pressure in and around these vents. Since sunlight cannot reach to the depths of these structures, there had to be another energy source for early life that may have formed there. The current form of the vents contain chemicals that lend themselves to chemosynthesis—a way for organisms to create their own energy similar to photosynthesis that uses chemicals instead of sunlight to make energy. The Severest of Conditions These types of organisms are extremophiles that can live in the severest of conditions. The hydrothermal vents are very hot, hence the word thermal in the name. They also tend to be acidic, which is usually harmful to life. However, life that lives in and near these vents have adaptations that make them able to live, and even thrive, in these harsh conditions. The Archaea Domain Archaea live and thrive in and near these vents. Since this Domain of life tends to be considered the most primitive of organisms, it is not a stretch to believe they were the first to populate the Earth. Conditions are just right in the hydrothermal vents to keep the Archaea alive and reproducing. With the amount of heat and pressure in these areas, along with the types of chemicals available, life can be created and changed relatively quickly. Scientists have also traced the DNA of all currently living organisms back to a common ancestor extremophile that would have been found in the hydrothermal vents. The species contained within the Archaea domain are also thought by scientists to be the precursors for eukaryotic organisms. DNA analysis of these extremophiles shows that these singled cell organisms are actually more similar to a eukaryotic cell and the Eukarya domain than the other single-celled organisms that make up the Bacteria domain. One Hypothesis Begins With Archaea One hypothesis about how life evolved begins with Archaea in the hydrothermal vents. Eventually, these types of single-celled organisms became colonial organisms. Over time, one of the larger unicellular organisms engulfed other single-celled organisms which then evolved to become organelles within the eukaryotic cell. Eukaryotic cells in multicellular organisms were then free to differentiate and perform specialized functions. This theory of how eukaryotes evolved from prokaryotes is called the endosymbiotic theory and was first proposed by American scientist Lynn Margulis. With a lot of data to back it up, including DNA analysis that links current organelles within eukaryotic cells to ancient prokaryotic cells, the Endosymbiotic Theory links the early life hypothesis of life beginning in hydrothermal vents on Earth with modern day multicellular organisms.

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Music History Influences From Different Cultures Gave...

Jessica Seepersad Music 100 Dr. Manns December 9, 2016 Final Paper Throughout music history, influences from different cultures gave the basis of how music is written, played or performed. In the two fieldworks, I conducted at Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn College convey the idea that music no matter where it is performed can reach others and tell stories. Whether the music is new or old, all music has a beginning. The two genres of music I studied were classical/romantic and Latin-pop/neo-soul. Those in the classical genre is rooted or produced in the western traditions in religious or secular music. The music scene during the classical period was in reflection to the changes happening in society. It was referred to as the classical period because of their interest in, admiration for, and emulation of the classical artistic and literary heritage of Greece and Rome. In the classical era, music has western staff notation being used by composers to indicate to the performer the pitches,melodies, basslines, chords, tempo, meter and rhythms f or a piece of music. During the classical time, it was classified as upscale and high standards because only rich people were able to afford to see the performers. This was the first that public concerts were important to have so that the music was received. The listener’s role they play in the society is what the music is based upon. Latin pop refers to pop music that contains sound or influence from Latin America but it can also meanShow MoreRelatedHow Hip Hop Is Affecting The Youth1540 Words   |  7 Pages24, 2015 How hip hop is affecting the youth When it comes to hip hop music and hip hop culture all together, it can have many influences on people who like the culture of hip hop. His may be from the clothes that are worn and even the lyrics a specific hip hop artist says in his or her music. But one group of people, in my opinion, that hip hop culture influences the most is the youth. Now see the youth are at the age where they look for guidance and wait for someone to tell them how things shouldRead MoreRagtime And Blues : The History And Their Influence On Jazz1581 Words   |  7 PagesRagtime and Blues: The History and Their Influence on Jazz In the city of New Orleans, from parades to clubs and from weddings to funerals, one element usually remained constant throughout all these events: the music that permeated the air. At most of these occasions, a band often performed as entertainment, providing many opportunities for musicians in the area to work. By the early 20th century, due to various factors such as mix of ethnicities and cultures with syncopated musical styles influencedRead MoreMusic and the American Culture Essay1620 Words   |  7 PagesMusic has played a vital role in human culture and evidence based on archaeological sites can date it back to prehistoric times. It can be traced through almost all civilizations in one form or another. As time has progressed so has the music and the influences it has on people. Music is an important part of popular culture throughout the world, but it is especially popular in the United States. The music industry here is, and has been, a multi-million dollar business th at continues to play anRead MoreTaylor Bryson. Music 12. Zilber. 10 May 2017. Michael Jackson.1591 Words   |  7 PagesTaylor Bryson Music 12 Zilber 10 May 2017 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson is unquestionably one of the most well-known musical artists in music history. His musical achievements rightfully earned him the title of the â€Å"King of Pop†. Jackson began his musical career at a very young age with his four older brothers, and together they formed the band, The Jackson 5. They grew up in Gary, Indiana, in a lower middle-class family. The Jackson family was a large family of twelve, but they lived in justRead MoreHow Dance Reflects Culture1224 Words   |  5 PagesHow Dance Reflects Culture. Dance occupies an important place or rather is seen as an important factor in the social structure of all human cultures throughout history. Dance tells us something about the way people think, what they feel and who they are. Dance is commonly defined as a form of human expression through body movement. But dance simply cannot be reduced merely to just movement. There are a number of theoretical definitions of dance either classifying it as a conscious way of rhythmicRead More Jazz Age Essay1241 Words   |  5 Pagesmusic alike ( Windfield 240). A lot of musicians were involved, from Louis Armstrong to Duke Ellington. The Jazz movement affected United States history and the future music industry in a variety of ways. Initially, the first jazz is said to have been played by funeral bands that wailed music full of soul and sadness as the followed horse drawn hearses down the streets of New Orleans. It was blues music though (Winfield 157). Many historians mark the start of the â€Å"Jazz Age† on November 12, 1917-Read MoreThe History of Slave Music and its Impact on Modern Music Essay2046 Words   |  9 Pagesof slavery is seen from written records of ancient times from all cultures and continents. Some societies viewed it as a legal institution. In the United States, slavery was inevitable even after the end of American Revolution. Slavery in united states had its origins during the English colonization of north America in 1607 but the African slaves were sold in 1560s this was due to demand for cheap labor to exploit economic opportunities. Slaves engaged in composition of music in order to preserveRead MoreAfrican American Influence On Music2019 Words   |  9 PagesAfrican American i nfluence in music has been an ever present and controversial subject in American history. Stemming from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds, large portions of American music was introduced by, and credited to African Americans. Although in many cases, this music was used for entertainment by the masses or majority, contrary to popular belief, black music served a greater purpose than just recreation. Dating all the way back to the beginning of slavery in the U.S.Read MoreAndre The Last Of The Great Humanist Architects1351 Words   |  6 PagesPalladio was â€Å"the last of the great Humanist architects† (Trachtenburg, 2002, p. 311). Since it is impossible to encompass all of Palladio’s accomplishments in one single essay, this paper will aim to give a detailed overview of Andrea’s early life, influences, greatest works, and his Palladian following. Originally born Andrea Di Pietro della Gondola in Padua, Italy, Palladio came into this world on November 30, 1508. With his father, who was a miller, he moved to Vicenza, Italy, a part of the RepublicRead MoreThe Influence of Music on Self and Society - Values in Music in Eastern and Western Cultures8787 Words   |  36 PagesThroughout history the unspoken but highly evocative language of music has exerted powerful influences on individuals and societies alike. Felix Mendelssohn once remarked that music is more specific about what it expresses than words written about those expressions could ever be. That music has the power to express, convey and illicit powerful emotions is without question, however the issue of musics moral and ethical power, and how that power affects individuals and societies, is one that receives

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Essay Example For Students

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Essay I read A tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. The story takes place in the summer of 1912 in Brooklyn New York. Johnny and Katie Nolan met very young in 1900. Soon, after six months of meeting, and getting married they have their first child, Francie Nolan who is eleven when the book begins. Later they have their second and last child Neely Nolan. As Francie grows up she begins to lose her innocence through a tree-throwing ritual and an encounter with a sex offender who was shot by Katie. Her father drinks more and more and becomes worthless. Katie then becomes pregnant with a third child, Annie Laurie. Johnny dies on Christmas day, which was five moths before his daughter was born. Francie stops believing in God the Christian faith and begins to do poorly in school. Francie and her brother work after finishing middle school in order to help out Katie. She can only afford to send one of he kids to school so she decides to send Neely, and Francie continues to work which allows them to live a little easier. World War I begins in America and this causes the world to change. Francie finds her first love, however he leaves to marry his Fiance before going to war. Francie is left with a broken heart but soon she meets a another boy. Then, Sergeant McShane asks Katie to marry him and she accepts. He has enough money to support them fully without hardship, and allowing Francie and Neely to go to college. They move out of their apartment the day before the wedding while Francie gets ready to leave for college. I feel that Betty Smith relates to many other early 1900 writers in America. She brings forward the realities and struggles of poverty that many other writers have written about. In almost every chapter and character, Smith addresses the hardship of poverty, which gives the reader a feeling of how life was in the early 1900s. I feel that Scott F. Fitzgeralds writing in his book The Great Gatsby is similar to Betty Smiths writing because this book is all about the tragedies that are associated with excess money. This gives two sides of two different worlds in America around the same time. However, both writers write about the positive aspects of the two different money backgrounds and the negative aspects. Betty Smith shows that the most lovable character in the book are poor, but also points out the many hardships and horrible aspects of growing up in a world of poverty. And Fitzgerald also writes about the joys of wealth and success, along with the devastating life of money. For example, Scott F. Fitzgerald writes about the overwhelming lives of Tom and Daisy, who are a very unhappy couple, both having an affair, and living life by covering up their mistakes with money. I think that Betty Smith writes about a couple of different American Ideals. Her characters embody the lives of poverty stricken families, the lack of education that poor people usually have, and the amount of suffering that they and other families in that environment went through. She also challenges the differences between the lives of the wealthy and the lives of the poor, always comparing the two social classes, because even though she has a life full of love and happiness to the most part, she still breams of rising from poverty and succeeding on the other side of life where there are more open doors. In the end of the book Francie is able to fulfill her dream of succeeding and rising above her world of despair and hardship, she feel free has a more open world to explore. However, I believe that she supports both classes, even though she seems to like and support poor people. So the ideals that Betty Smith portrays in her book are that poverty doesnt matter if you have love in your life, and that money cannot buy happiness. .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 , .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .postImageUrl , .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 , .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:hover , .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:visited , .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:active { border:0!important; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:active , .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178 .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u96b4fa838710c2877d386ae0ca741178:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: How is gender identity influenced by social struct Essay A tree grows in Brooklyn is a book that is full of truth and reality of a world that I do not know much of. I have such a luxurious life because of the amount of resources and the endless amount of love that I am surrounded by. However, the Nolan family finds beauty in their life that is full of a lot of love for each other even though they do not have the resources to back them up. All of them give up something in their lives for each others well being, whether it is education or money. I really enjoyed her style of writing which really gave you a feeling of being right there with the Nolan family in the projects of Brooklyn.